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Language Line

If English isn't your first or preferred language you can still use our service.

NHS 24 uses an interpretation service called Language Line, to support callers who cannot or prefer not to speak English.

Language Line is private, confidential and free to use.

How to use this service

To use Language Line:

  1. call NHS 24 on 111
  2. tell the call handler that you need an interpreter
  3. tell the call handler the name of your preferred language

Once you are connected to an interpreter you will have a three way conversation with NHS 24 to explain the problem in your language and get the help you need.

About this service in other languages 

Calling 111 for Arabic speakers - الاتصال بالرقم 111 للناطقين باللغة العربية  - PDF (78KB)

Calling 111 for Cantonese speakers - 呼喚廣東話 111 -  PDF (119 KB)

Calling 111 for Mandarin speakers - 調用111講普通話 - PDF (91 KB)

Calling 111 for Polish speakers - Wywoływanie 111 dla polskich mówców - PDF (63 KB)

Other languages

Other languages